Eritrean Independence Day Celebrations

By Embassy Media,  

London 27 May 2024

Eritreans residing in the UK on Saturday 25th May 20224 celebrated Eritrea’s 33rd Independence Day Anniversary under the theme: ‘Peace Anchored in Resilience’.

The Eritrean Independence Celebrations in the UK was officially celebrated on 25th May 2024 in Birmingham, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Nottingham, Southampton, and Wakefield. The celebrations began in London on Saturday 18th May 2024 outside the Eritrean Embassy

Invited guests to the Eritrean Independence celebrations were greeted by smiling jubilant Eritreans to the well organised evening of programs that was laid out by the organising committee. The invited guests were witness not only to a spectacular evening of celebration, but they saw firsthand  the resilience and unity of Eritreans as they colourfully celebrated their Independence Day.

The celebration was attended by Mr. Saleh Abdella, Charge d’ Affairs of the Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the UK & Ireland, Ambassadors,  High Commissioners and representatives from Boliva, Botswana, Burundi, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, the Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Italy , Libya. South Sudan, Tanzania Uganda, UK, and Venezuela. In addition to the dignitaries, the event was attended by  2000 British-Eritreans  residing in London.

Mr. Muluberhan Berhe, chair of the Organising Committee presented the opening remarks of the evening as he welcomed the participants and wished the event to be a success.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the chairman of the British Eritrean Community Organisation Network (BECON), Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Mahmud stressed the paramount importance of holding the event to bring Eritreans together. He also stated that the event played a vital role in reinforcing the identity of Eritreans in the UK and bequeathing to future generations the cherished Eritrean societal values.


In his speech Mr. Saleh Abdella, Charge d’ Affairs of the Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the UK & Ireland thanked invited guests and the participants in taking part in celebrating Eritrea’s Independence. Mr Saleh Abdella updated the participants on the current situation in Eritrea. He said that Eritrea had overcome numerous obstacles and animosities in the past years, including the disguised hostilities against the Eritrean people. He further stated that, history is witness to the Eritrean people’s triumph and to the fact that Eritreans have always prevailed against all odds.


Eritrea is fortunate to have a cultured and rule abiding people, and a leadership that is progressive with pragmatic policies. The discipline of Eritreans and their leadership has made Eritrea an exemplary state to those who wish to work for the betterment of their people. While these very characters of Eritrea have made those with an agenda to dominate to become openly hostile against the Eritrean people.


Mr. Saleh Abdella in his speech expressed Eritrea’s conviction to resist all challenges, against the progress Eritrea was making in its development, that is registering promising results. He also encouraged Eritreans in the diaspora to invest in their country. Mr. Saleh Abdella stressed to the participants that the biggest responsibility of Eritreans to the Eritrean martyrs, was to never compromise Eritrea’s sovereignty and national security.

Following the beautiful musical entertainment by a great artistic line-up, the night was brought to end by a traditional Eritrean dance that epitomised the harmony of Eritreans.

Glory and Honour to Eritrea’s Martyrs and the Great Day!
Happy Independence!

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